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Wood pellet bedding

Soft Wood pellets have been used for bedding in the last 5 years. The pellets offer the longest lasting bedding of any type for your horse stall. As moisture develops in the stall the pellets expend and soak it up, you then take out the wet matter and leave the intact pellets in there for future use. Wood pellet bedding also creates less waste and is the best choice for customers who are in an area where disposal is tough. Compare and price what we have today.


Guardian Premium Wood Pellet Bedding

wood pellet super sacks wood pellet bedding super sack wood pellets loading soft wood pellets up close

Guardian Horse bedding pellet is manufactured to higher standards than most on the market. These high quality wood pellets are made with premium softwood pine and bagged in 40lb bags. SHAVINGS-DIRECT™ is proud to bring this product to you from the many Guardian locations.  Contact us for a delivered price today.

About Guardian Premium Pellet Bedding
Consistent Texture - Guardian manufacturing specifications provide a softened fiber that will be larger, more consistent and longer lasting than other brands. You can count on the same high quality pellet every time.

High Heat Treated to Remove Allergens - In the pelletizing stage, the wood is high heat treated removing tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens.

The Power of the Pellet - The Guardian pellet is compressed under high pressure. This pellet will expand up to 5 times its size when exposed to moisture. Pound for pound, the Guardian Pine Pellet will be the most absorbent bedding you can find.

Highly Absorbent - The wet spot will actually clump for fast and easy removal. We recommend 4—5 inches of depth in the stall. This will provide the bedding needed to trap the urine quickly, avoid spreading of the wet spot, which will reduce ammonia levels and waste less bedding.

Reduce Consumption and Disposal - Guardian Pine Pellet bedding will greatly reduce your bedding consumption and disposal over traditional flake shavings and straw. Some farms have recorded 70% consumption and disposal reductions with our bedding. While the pellets may be slightly more expensive per bag, then traditional shavings (not in all areas), you should cut your consumption by 30—50%. If you do the math, ( or we’ll do it for you) we expect that you should save no less than 25% up to 50% on your bedding costs. If you pay to have your manure hauled away, or pay someone to spread it, you will save by reducing your disposal by 30, 40 up to 50% as well!

Save Time Cleaning Stalls - Guardian Horse Bedding Pine Pellet Shavings as well as Swift Pick Shavings will pick so fast and easy you will clean stalls in a fraction of the time.


Premium Soft Wood Pellet Bedding in Bulk

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wood pellet super sacks wood pellet bedding super sack wood pellets loading soft wood pellets up close

SHAVINGS-DIRECT™ has premium soft wood bedding pellets available in bulk. Soft wood pellet bedding is a great way to bed your animals down and save money. Our bulk option is to have the pellet bedding delivered in 2000 super sacks, this can be a further huge savings to you over bags as you have no empty bags to throughout and there is a cost savings of about $40 per ton. How do you handle super sacks? Same way you handle a pallet of feed. You will need a pallet jack to puller to get the pallets to the back of the trailer to unload. You will then need forks to either pick up the pallet or grab the super sack from the hooks. You then simply take the pellets out with a pail scoop or elevate the super sack with your forks and take the pellets out with the bottom hatch directly in to your wheel barrow. Done properly this is a huge labor and money saver.  

The advantages of using pellet bedding are

  • Long life of your bedding material if used properly
  • A tremendous reduction in waste disposal volume due to the sifting and cleaning qualities of pellet bedding.
  • A clean soft and very low dust material.
  • Fresh smelling stall.

Pellet bedding works very well for customers located in congested areas where transportation and disposal of more bulky bedding types are costly.


NATURES BEST Premium Softwood Pellet Bedding 

wood pellets natures best premium soft pellets natures best premium softwood pellets premium softwood pellets

NATURES BEST White softwood shavings and sawdust are reduced to a small granular size in the mill and then subjected to intense heat to remove the majority of the moisture and impurities. It then passes through a pelletizing machine under extreme pressure and heat, further reducing the moisture content and emerges in the pellet state as we know it. The pellet is bonded by the natural lignum found in the wood fiber and there are no other additives in this process. The newly formed pellet then passes through several dust extractors and onto the packaging line where it is bagged into our 30 lb/ 13.6kg bag.

How to use,
The initial application of pellet bedding will require the stripping of the cage or stall of the old bedding. Introduce pellet bedding relevant to the animal's size, removing excretions once per day. It will be necessary to add pellet bedding once per week to supplement removed products.
large animals, for example in a 12' X 12' stall, initially should be first cleaned to the existing floor. Apply 7 bags of pellet bedding into this area, which should provide an overall depth of 2" plus. Sprinkle with a hose using a wide broadcasting spray, approximately four gallons of water. Within the hour one will notice a substantial, white fluffy bedding appearing as the pellets absorb the moisture and their volume increase three times. Daily stall maintenance will be substantially reduced as there is only to remove the manure with a fine fork and rotate the wet areas, incorporating them into the dry base. Areas of saturation of urine should be removed at the same time as the manure to insure the animals comfort. A bag added per week in this stall is the norm, however this will depend on the amount of excretion activity of the animal.

Wood pellet bedding is a healthy and long-lasting alternative to shavings and straw. Pellet bedding usage provides an overall yearly cost reduction based on a 65 bag usage per horse. The labor fact is reduced by 50% due to the efficiency of the pellet bedding in mucking the stalls. There is a 40% reduction in stall waste for disposal and in composting, the breakdown of product is faster and the product is more valuable as a gardening supplement. The ammonia smells from the animals urine is quickly absorbed, insuring a fresher smell in the barn area.

The pellet bedding is palletized on a 48" X 40" pallet, then covered with a white plastic bag and finally shrink wrapped to make it as weather proof as possible for outdoor storage. Comparing pellet bedding to bagged wood shavings; pellet bedding requires significantly less space to store the equivalent volume of bagged shavings. There is also the weight factor of the pellet bedding and it's ease of handling vs the bagged shavings which are awkward and heavier to manage

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